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10 Ways To Practice Mindfulness In Social Media Age !

At the turn of the 21st century, people thought internet would do enough to get us by. How wrong were they? Today, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube is our privileged power and our weakness.

So as much as the phenomena of ‘Digital Detox’ sounds good for 10 days, what we truly need is balance. Still figuring out how to keep your mind sane in a hazy cloud of comments, likes and shares? Here’s a quick fix for social media addiction!


1. An hour a day: Keep an hour every day that makes you lock out your devices and spend some time playing the guitar in a quiet room, taking a refreshing run or simply reading a book. Your eyes will thank you for a change of sight and your mind will calm down right away.

2. Multitask like a Pro: What every productive person will tell you is that they are multi-tasking. But what they forget to tell you is you can only do one thing at any given time. So as much as you try to eat with one hand while you type away with the other, you are only doing 2 things at a rate of 50%. Not much productive, is it?

3. Nestle in the present: How many of us truly take time to see who we are today? Breathe in and breathe out for at least 10 minutes every day and you have a traded secret of mindfulness! Still want to reach out for your phone? Try downloading a breathing app!

4. Forget the formula: Even though we are living in a progressive world, our idea of success remains pretty primitive, right? The expensive car, the luxury villa and the fancy luxury trips abroad. We say forget the formula that society has come up with to spell a happy life. Carve out your picture of what truly makes your soul happy even without rewards!

5. Start your day with a Goal: As much as reaching out to tweet the morning selfie is tempting, skip the phone to wake up to a diary waiting for you to write down one thing you want to achieve that day. Sounds pretty simple? Try it! We guarantee a bright day!

6. Keep a Totem: For those who need something physical to root your conscious to, this is one of the oldest games in learning mindfulness. A totem can be any object that keeps you rooted to reality. It can be a book, a small key chain, a favourite painting or even a spiritual object.

7. Decide your own speed: As much as we live in a society of timelines, we forget that we all have a purpose that stays true to us. Let go of other peoples’ time scale and progress at your own speed.

8. Let your mind wander: Now here’s one of the fun activities for mindfulness. Every day, take a few moments to imagine your idea of an ideal life. Give your thoughts details- the decor of your ideal house, the ambiance of your ideal job and the perfect success story.

9. Own your time:The silliest advice that we get is to keep everyone around us happy. The reality is no one can keep everyone happy at the same time. We say own your schedule- the breaks, the family space, the quiet ride back home and the personal ‘Me’ time, which is O2 for me!

10. End the day with a note: Self affirmation is the key to staying mindful. End the  day by writing one thing you achieved that day and one thing that you learnt about yourself.

Social Media Literacy and Mindfulness Usage is the key to mindless social comparison. You as a user should be self-aware that positive self-presentation is an important aspect in using social media, thus, it is to be expected that many users would only post positive things or highlights  about themselves. This self-awareness, hopefully, can lessen feelings of social comparison and that of mood sink!

So if Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another Social Media platform is making you sad, you don't need to stop using it altogether. Just be mindful of how you're spending your time on the site and rest will take care of itself.

Time has always been in a hurry and with a demanding social-media life, we forget that each one of us needs time to polish our inner self. Stay free by taking a few moments to learn mindfulness by knowing who you truly are- sans the norms and the trends !!

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