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8 Reasons Emotional Wellness Is the Key to Corporate Wellness!

With corporate lifestyles heading for an international appeal, the sheer stress of being the best in the business gets the worse of all of us. The glory of working in a sky-rise building with a 10-hour work cycle in an air -conditioned concrete space, does have a flip side.

Do you own a corporate office and wonder why your employees give in more work hours and are low of productivity or are you working in a corporate office and want to speed up your promotion? Read on to know how you can unwind at your workplace and have a super productive day!

1.Healthy Workplace= Positive Work Space:

The need for green, clean spaces and the use of refreshing colours is more than an aesthetic requirement. Think of it as colour therapy and productivity is your next stop! Besides if you love to see unity in your team with no office politics, your answers lie in designing a place that breathes positivity!

2. Happy Colleagues for Inviting Atmosphere:

There is no better way to make your employees willing come to office than by hiring employees that are not only qualified but also have ‘a good vibe’ about them? Ever went to an office to a group of people that are robotically churning the day? Kills the day, right?

3. Activities for Low Stress Levels:

Stress levels are a no-brainer in any corporate work space. We say give your employees enough breaks to unwind from the stress and even have a space designed for meditation. This will not only boost your employee performance but will also drastically reduce error ratios!

4. 360-degree Growth:

With corporates shaping their office hours to suit a more ‘employee-centric’ space, the attention should be more on the overall employee life. E.g. give your employees enough time off to explore life- be it a hobby, family time or anything else that makes appreciate their job!

5. Better Communication:

The truth is that any workplace will be redundant without good communication. And it is a proved fact that offices that take efforts for their employee’s mental, emotional and physical well-being will have a productive turnover.

6. Higher Profits:

This one is a game changer! Want to grow the profits of your company? Invest time in the emotional being of your employees. Talk to your employees on a tough day and give a helping hand whenever you can. What will you benefit from it? A long lasting trusted relationship where your employees will actively work for your success.

7. Lower Chronic Health diseases:

Emotional stress can turn into something more than a mental form of illness. In extreme cases, this can lead to heart attacks, neural problems, diabetes, low immunity and other chronic diseases. Always remember that your employee is a benefit only if they are Well-thy!

8. Stronger Initiatives:

This may sound a little too fictional but if you are the kind of boss who is busy multi-tasking like a work-horse and simply cannot find someone to assign your work to, try to have workshops, seminars and fun life-coach session that boost up the morale of your employees. Result? Employees that will come forward to share the responsibility!

For all the glamour of the corporate lifestyle, we forget that jobs were made for humans and not the other way around. Make your work-life a positive place that is in sync with our human needs and you have a celebrated office-home !

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