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Release Negative Emotions: 10 Ways to Achieve it !

Negativity is the poison and Positivity is the eternal nectar !’

The world we live in changes every moment and this is exactly how the universe was meant to be- to change, evolve and transform. But in a rut of heavy competition and compared lifestyles, we are stuck to our primal crab mentalities. A mentality that does nobody any good! How then, are we supposed to evolve as better versions of ourselves?

Find yourself stuck in an infinite loop of negativity, doubts, emotional outburst, jealousy and fear? Here’s a smart person’s guide to let go of negativity and live the life as it comes to you. Find it out.

1.Accept the negativity:

A part of meditation believes in accepting who you are completely and if negativity has become a verbal or mental habit, the best way to deal with it is to accept it. Want to see your progress on a sheet of paper? Start writing your reactions to situation and evaluate them on a scale of positivity. If you are scoring anywhere below 4, you are being too negative of a situation.

2. Call up your friend or confidant:

The best way to shift your frame of mind is to confide in a friend or confidant. Make a deal with your friend that if you are whining on a topic regularly while doing nothing about it, they have the right to be straight with you.

3. Understand the use of negativity:

Like most things in life, every situation can be put to good use and so can any negativity. Surprised? Let’s figure this out. Your incessant fear of accidents can get you to wear a helmet and drive safely, your self-doubt can be the reason you work like a pro and your fear of failure can actually drive you to success. It’s not the negativity we should be scared of. It is how we react to it.

"You can’t change, prevent, or delete many of the “Events” that happen in life, but you do have control over your Reaction”

4. Try the Emotional Freedom Technique or Cognitive Behavioural Technique:

EFT and CBT is believed by many people to really shift the way they think about life. The technique itself varies and includes acupuncture and Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) among many other things. The EFT and CBT theory is to release blocked energy, pent up emotions & unresolved thoughts respectively, that usually cause negativity.

Do know that every therapy needs a Professional practitioner, Counsellor, Psychologist or Therapist and should be done only by any one of 'em!

5. Finding a Physical way to release negativity:

Negativity may seem like something you can touch but many a times it is a physical phenomenon. Try sports or exercises like Yoga, Kick Boxing, Running and Dancing that get the aggression out and leave you with a better energy flow.

6. Creativity:

The best advice anyone can give you is to take some time out to paint, sing, compose, play and create. Be it music, sports, pottery or any kind of art, creativity boosts your ‘feel good’ hormones and shifts your brain to start thinking productively.

7. Meditate:

A part of accepting the negativity is meditating. Focus on your breath and every time your brain hops to a negative though, observe the thought and the feeling and get attention back to your breathing. Remember to not react to that thought while you are meditating.

8. Focus on the ‘Dos’:

If you are not suffering from clinical anxiety, there is big chance that you are being negative simply because you are not focusing on the productive things. Make a ‘to-do’ list and follow it every single day to make sure your day is based more on actions than on needless thoughts.

9. Eat good and healthy food:

There is a difference between eating the food you want and eating the food that is good for you. Figure out your comfort food that is in sync with being healthy and you have the perfect stress buster!

You are what you eat, after all.

10. Compliment:

The best way to release negative thoughts is by complementing the people around you as well as yourself. This will make people long for your company and will give you something positive to talk about.

The beauty of positivity is that it can be accessed easily. A beautiful poem, a good book or a joke- take your pick!

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