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Emotional Intelligence: Why it is one of the most demanding skill and 10 ways to improve it !

After all the hype of the I.Q level known to measure and scale your productivity and your ‘smart’ aspect, everyone around has now figured that Emotional Intelligence is just as important!

With E.Q of employees being more of an asset than even I.Q, people all around the world are learning just how having an emotionally mature person around can add to any workplace and can really refine their productivity. With so much in its ‘pros’ list, it is one of the most sought out life-skill in the world!

If you are a scholar on paper but often find your workplace too exhausting or yourself emotionally vulnerable with little or no control over your emotions, read on to know what you can do to not break down and stay emotionally healthy, check out to know more!

1.Observe yourself:

In the heady meeting room conversation what we often forget is to observe how we behave from a third man’s point of view. Think of yourself observing someone else without reacting to their personality or words and apply the same rule to yourself to simply take into account how you personally act, react and trouble shoot – all without judging yourself.

2. Accept and take responsibility:

The idea of any kind of change comes from the responsibility of acceptance. Accept your temper, your flaws, your reactions and know that your emotional health is in your hands and not just a reaction to the things that happen around you.

3. Never react, always Respond:

Most of us listen to others with the intent of reacting only. That presentation coming up with a bold deadline, the sheer amount of bills, the brainstorming session all of them appear scary if you look at them to react. Instead reply and solve the problem one day at a time, as and when the problem arises.

4. Follow the steps:

Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month or year.

Every work can be broken down into simpler tasks and the best way to keep sane during a tornado of work and family life, is by breaking down the gigantic problem to minor pieces. Follow minute steps to solve one aspect everyday and you have a major issue that is no more existent!

5. Pen down your thoughts:

Let’s face it most of us are moody beings with little or no control over what we feel. Write down a journal to observe how your mood goes hand in hand with your surroundings. So even if that one hour of gossip seems like a bonding time with friends it might just be what you need to stop to keep your emotional intelligence healthy. Trust me, it works!

6. Listen to learn:

The ultimate truth about emotionally intelligent people is that they listen without any biases. Listen to people when they talk about loss, heartaches, setbacks, work pressures, memorable time, wedding plans and everything else and filter out only the ‘good’ factors.

7. Ring the Alarm:

Understanding emotional intelligence is something that can be cultivated but in the rare times when you want to vent out the frustrations of the past series of unfortunate events, do not hold back! Just make sure it is an occasional day and does not become a habit.

8. Empathize:

Empathy is much better than sympathy and is often the reason people will look to you during their hard times. But the best way to deal with the people around you is to keep yourself in their shoes and observe what you would have done in their circumstances. Result? You will judge less and accept more.

9. Create a Positive lifestyle:

There is no other truth than this “likes attract likes”. Laugh more and make sure that people have a great time around you. Take some time off to de-stress and change the way you look at life by only concentrating on the positives.

10. Learn to handle pressure:

People with high EQ will often know where to draw the line between work life and family life and know just what to take personally and what to forget. Balance this frame of mind in your daily life and know where your professional and personal interests lie to make your life more wholesome.

Emotional Intelligence makes sure you live your life with a better perspective. People with high E.Q know just how to manage teams, projects, and form a unique healthy culture that translates into their work and family life too. With employee’s wellness adding to the top of the list of ‘required skills and aptitude’, you are sure to lead a productive life with these simple and easy life hacks!

People with high E.Q are known to be more productive, liberal and open minded, more giving, good and a real person, creative mind with a spirit to lead without a title, and tend to have a more balanced, happy and a fulfilling life than those who are not.

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