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International Day of Happiness- Why you need it and how to celebrate it !

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. Period."

Amidst all that is happening around the world- the wars, the politics, the stress and the utterly hectic lifestyles, the International Day of Happiness is a fresh of breath air for everyone around the world.

Some of the most famous ideologies stand up for being happy on a cellular level- be it the noble thoughts of Dalai Lama or the preaching’s of Sufism! There is no universal truth than our constant struggle to be happy.

If you are one of the many that are giving each other quizzical looks about this day, read on to know why you need this day and how to make the most of it!

1. Bridge over troubled water: No song justified the need to cross over troubles more and this day stands for nothing different. When every newspaper only gives headlines on rapes, murders, trickery and treason, what you need is a detox from all the negativity! We say, today, focus on the good in the world and try to curb the mentality that causes all the unethical behaviour.

2. Have a heart and Laugh: Today, have that much ignored conversation with your friend who was trying to reach you when you were busy. Be a soul sister to someone who is gong through a tough time and spend time with your family playing board games, going out for a walk or simply seeing a stand-up comedy show! Nothing beats the blues better that laughter.

3. Be good to someone for no reason: If you are in office, this is so much easier to do. Talk to a colleague you haven’t spoken to before and share your ideas and your motivations with your them. Break the ice with a joke and give someone a good time. This will not only boost your happiness day karma but will also make someone’s day.

4. Unite: Our whole world crumbles down when we segregate people on the basis of judgments, likes, dislikes, caste and creed. Add to that the fragile thoughts of unequal pay, sexism and sheer intolerance and you are left with a year’s worth news of everything wrong with this world! Today, take charge to spend some time to unite the people around you! Play a game, arrange a show or simply go out for a meal.

5. Calculate your progress on the Happiness rate: Bhutan broke the stereotypical thinking of a country’s progress when it started measuring its progress by its happiness quotient- asking its locals how happy they were with the health, wellness, the environment and the system. Adopt the ‘Bhutan Ideology’ and evaluate your life on how happy you are in terms of – job satisfaction, emotional, mental and physical health and well-being, family time, personal relationships, time to relax, and on an individual level and you have the magic equation right there!

The International happiness Day is more than a trend- it’s a need in our times to keep what little sanity we have left and to come together to show our kids that there is more to life than swanky houses, expensive cars, latest fashion, trendy gadgets and our manic pursuit of extremely visible rewards !!!

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