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Thoughts Become Things, 7 Ways to Master Your Negative Thoughts!

In the world that focus only on the things that go wrong, it can get pretty tiring to find a positive state of mind. Think about it- from the magazine covers you read, to the news channel, the office gossip, the family drama and the friendly chat of how life is tough. Seldom do you meet people who are a complete surge of positivity. Adds to that, the high stress levels you deal with every single day and you have a formula custom made for negativity and stressed life !

So, if you are stuck in a rut where you find yourself talking only about what is wrong in your life, always whining, it’s high time you take some time off to read these life hacks below.

1. Accept the Negativity: To be in denial of the negative things in your life, is like avoiding a problem you want to solve. Tricky, right? Think of it as finding the problem so that you can proceed to fix it. It's that simple!

2. Break the trend: Try to reflect on how you look at your life to change it. Observe if you respond to change by panic, fear or anxiety and try to respond in a more positive way, the trick is to respond not to react. Use the 30-second rule to take well thought-out response to make the most of your time while gliding through your day.

3. Always find the silver lining: The best trait of positive people is the ability to always see the positive gleam of light in the middle of their darkest days. And as any ability, this trait can be grown to be a part of our personality.

4. Get it down on paper: If you don’t have anyone to talk to, try to get your negative thoughts onto a blank paper. Drawing images of how you feel helps too, it's known as Art Therapy! This will give your thoughts a tangible form that you can touch and give you something real to look at. In the end, burn the negative thoughts down or shred the paper to make it a thing of the past.

The rule is simple, accept your past but don’t live there.

5. Meditate: Meditation has always been one of the most productive things to do no matter what your age is. The idea of finding the answers to all your questions buried deep inside, the job is to explore your beliefs, trust your intuition and you would be able to find all the answers in your quietest moments. Soon you will realize that your happiness doesn’t depend on the outer circumstances.

6. Smile: Science has proved that emotions and expressions are more closely related than what we believe. We express what we feel and hence you can turn the formula around and start feeling what you express, tricky, right? When surrounded by negativity, try to smile more and soon your spirit will only soar!

7. Flood your Calendar with activities you enjoy: You can only get negativity if you have the time to sink into negative thoughts. Life Hack? Flood your free time with activities you love. Take up a new dancing class, join the gym, swim, sing, play a sport, write or paint.

With these simple hacks, you are sure to break your conditioning to focus only on the negative side of the world and even change the lives of the people around you. Result you ask, well a happy version of you who is strong, self-affirmed, confident and secure !!

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