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Never Fall Out of Love: 8 Ways to Keep Relationships Healthy & Lasting

From Jane Austen novels to ‘The Notebook’, every romantic story ends with a ‘happy ever after’. But, how many of us can truly relate to these classic tales? With the stress of the modern lifestyle and the need to be better in every sphere of your life, the pink bubble does start shrinking.

Still, who doesn't want to have a relationship that has an everlasting charm? Here’s what you can do to keep the romance and the soul of your relationship alive, forever. Check it out.

1. Grow together while growing Individually:

Every relationship looses its charm if you do everything together and if you do everything alone. Think of it as a Tango- you mesmerise alone and shine together!

2. Communicate to learn:

Every relationship reaches a dull point when you communicate only for chores. Change the way you look at conversations by learning something new about your partner. The new dress, the new song on their lips or the new topics that interest them or it just might be a new com-game that your spouse just can't stop playing ( which is true in my case ;-) ), after all, we all change a little bit everyday !

3. Embrace the imperfections:

That hearty chuckle that makes you spot them in a room, is the reason why you two lovebirds hit it off in the first place! Revel in the things that may be awkward but beautifully unique.

4. The ‘Turtle- Rabbit race’ theory:

The truth about every relationship that bathes in boredom is the fact that you got to know each other too much too soon. We say slow down on the rush factor and truly get to know your partner on a soulful level.

5. Keep the Mystery alive:

There is nothing more amazing that discovering your partner a little bit more everyday. So unless you’re not a serial killer or cheating on your partner, there is no harm in keeping a little bit of mystery in your relationship and a few tricks up your sleeves!

6. Loose the need to Impress:

If you are truly looking for a long-lasting, healthy relationship, let go of the need to impress your partner every single day. Be yourself and see if you two compliment each other’s personalities. Try this and thank me later !

7. Compete:

Yes, you heard it right ! As much as we advise that you keep your ego in check, the best way to compete is on things that benefit your health, finances and family life. Compete on common goals to keep your progress on track and your life uncomplicated.

8. Take joy in the small things:

So the hectic schedule has gotten the worse of you with a small good-morning/night kiss/hugs being your only saving grace? How about getting a drink (or a coffee) every weekend at the nearest restaurant/ home or going for a short drive or just cuddling together in the bed ? Be it a sip of your favourite poison with your favourite person, or a short drive or just cuddling in the bed with your partner and you are all set to have a cozy date that you know will end amazingly well !

Everyone knows we have to ‘work’ on our relationship but the truth is love was never meant to be a chore. Keep a little bit of fairy dust in your pocket and you are sure to keep the spell going !

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