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3 Parenting Mistakes You Should Make and Why?

As a new parent, the amount of parenting advice I received from family, friends and strangers was enough to overpower the amount of soiled nappies I changed over the course of two kids.

The first time I became a parent, things were different. I was a textbook parent, trying to do everything by rule, following what the ‘experts’ said. The second time I became a parent, I made sure I would do all those mistakes I didn’t do earlier, and make sure that my kids, as well as I, learn from it the right way.

Here are some parenting mistakes I am making, and why !?!

Let Them Get Dirty – You probably already puckered your nose at this, but the fact is that letting your kids play in the dirt is actually good for them. The different bacteria, orgasms and virus that are found in dirt can help to improve your child’s overall immune system. Spending some time in dirt on a regular basis can help prevent health issues such as asthma, autoimmune disorders and other allergies.

My take – My kids play in the park on a daily basis, and also help me tend plants and get their hands soiled.

Encourage Them To Get Bored – A big parenting mistake that most of us do these days is to provide our kids with too much stimuli. As parents, we offer them things that keep them occupied for every single moment of their waking hours. From screen-based games to gadgets, books, board games, phones, constructed play, hobby classes and more, kids today have some of the tightest schedules that match, if not exceed, that of an adult. But do you know that letting your kids get bored can actually help to develop their overall brain power, encourage creativity and imagination capacities, and extensively boost their cognitive skills?

My take – My children have a free zone each day where they make up their own stories and games and play accordingly. No gadgets or books are allowed and the rule is to have no rules but create new ones.

Have Healthy Arguments In Front Of Kids – How many times have you wanted to argue but stopped in front of your kids? It is important to have some reality in your relationship in the way you portray it to your kids. Having an argument with your partner in front of the kids is not always bad, as it can show them that a relationship is made up of the happy moments, as well as those when you disagree and have a small fight, but still end up being together.

My take – While I make sure we do not lose our temper in front of the kids, I have kept the relationship equation very real. So while there are happy and friendly moments, our kids know that parents can sometimes disagree and feel upset, and it is okay. ‘Sorry’ and ‘it is alright’ are also simple words and phrases that come handy during such times, and can always mend a relationship.

Parenting is a journey that is constantly evolving, and I, as a parent, have decided it is best to embrace this experience with some nuggets of wisdom and some doses of trial and errors !


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