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Stress Free Lifestyle: 5 Ways to Achieve it

‘Lifestyle Stress’- the panic of being accepted to the standards of the high society is not just a new modern version of stress but something that even our parents and grandparents have dealt with. But the fact that consumerism is at an all time high with the latest trends, Cars, Villas, Fashion and online lifestyle shopping, simply does not help.

Ever opened your closet before work and took almost an hour to figure out what will make you feel equal or superior to your colleagues? Read on to know how to deal with the stress of modern lifestyle.

1. Invest in timeless, sturdy things: Yes, that new phone or the new car all your friends have may seem tempting. But at the end of the day, a car is a car and a phone is a phone. Invest in things that last and fit your budget.

2. Follow convenience: We have seen people hoard themselves up with huge amounts of EMIs for things they don’t even need. Address the glitch and buy a thing only if you crucially need it or because it will make your life exponentially convenient.

3. Don’t compare: Some of our most spontaneous buys are when we are too busy thinking what others have and we don’t. Drop the idea to impress and only splurge with what goes with your goals. Still thinking of getting that Louis Vuitton bag? Think again !

4. Follow Minimalism: The easiest way to deal with impulsive buys is to shift your thinking to ‘minimalism’. Every time you buy something you have to let go off something. Buying a new cellphone? Gift the old one to your domestic help or someone in need. Minimalism is the New Cool !

5. Know what matters: At the end of the day, what matters are habits and virtues like punctuality, discipline, fitness, spirituality and respect for the people around you. Invest your time in the things that stay with you no matter what you wear!

Social and lifestyle stress can get the worst of you if you let it grow without any reasoning or logic and as much as we want to be accepted by the people around us, it is important to shed light onto the things that make us unique.

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