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Why you don’t need to be a woman to celebrate International Women’s Day !

With women’s day being the perfect pitch for marketing towards women and let’s not forget the endless sales, we forget that the day is meant for acknowledging the contribution of women in all spheres of life- be it science, art, politics, finance and economics or social work or entrepreneurship.

Find the fact boring? Let’s go back to the days when little girls were only taught to be a good housewife, look pretty and do everything the men in her life told her to do. To chances to break a cycle of taming and to find your seat in politics, economics, finance and even war, were less than easy.

The first National Women’s day was celebrated in the early 20th century. In a continuous bid to earn the same respect for women as that of men in society, it is only obvious that after more than 100 years, the revolution has begun.

But feminism is more than being a woman. It is accepting that the feminine and masculine energy has to flow together to create balance. So why should women’s day be any different? Here’s why you don’t need to be a woman to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

1.“Be the Change”:

An excerpt from Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote is one hard to ignore on this fabulous day. Femininity and Masculinity are the balance in every individual. Lord Shiva is revered as ‘Ardh-Nari’ representing a soul that is complete in its duality. Embrace the feminine power within you.

2.‘The art of respecting Energies’:

With every being comes its energy and to respect one’s energy is respecting their space, body and mind. This day, talk to the women around you and listen to their version of the world’s story. And in return they will listen to you.

3.‘Let go off the old’:

Women today are trying to break from what the society demands of her in terms of – what to wear, what to speak, how to walk and how to express. Try to let go off things that would suit the time gone by and evolve to embrace the rules of the new world. Support new thoughts that promise positivity and change.

4.“This is a Man’s world”:

James brown said it all when he said “This a Man’s world. But it would be nothing, not one little thing, without a Woman or a Girl”. We run each other’s universe and instead of fighting against each other, let’s fight together.

For all the women thinking why this article is framed for men, here’s the pitch- we need each other to progress. And if you men out there are wondering why women have an exclusive day for themselves- well, it’s about time they are accepted, acknowledged and encouraged as strong, and free individuals !

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